Guy Olami - Photographer
גיא עולמי – אוצר גלריית החלונות

Shlomo Carmel

Shlomo Carmel

"Man, nature and panorama in the most beautiful nature reserve in the world" / Guy Olami
Shlomo Carmel's exhibition "Kenya and Tanzania through the photo lens" illustrates a collage of landscapes and fauna in the "Black continent", Africa.

The photographer opens a window for the observer and invites him in. Shlomo's camera does not intrude the lives of the locals; they are aware of his existence but it does not change their daily routine.

The cheetahs resting under the tree, dazed, but all a while alert, always on guard for potential prey. The little girl who stretches out her hand in a graceful halt movement and makes the observer smile and feel as if is a part of the experience.

Shlomo Carmel is a member of Kibbutz "Mishmar Ha'Negev" and he is the general manager of "Another World" company. He is an amateur photographer with the perspective of a traveler and in his photos there is a celebration of the magic of life.

The photos paints the exhibition with soft, pastoral colors and offers a colorful collage of man, nature and panorama, splendid sunsets in the virginal savannas landscapes and an authentic documentation of the circle of life in the primal African nature.

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