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Zeev Deckel

Zeev Deckel Zeev Deckel
Born: Jerusalem, 1935

During the Fifties, Zeev studied photography at the National Scientific Laboratories in Jerusalem. From scientific documentation he moved on to industrial photography documenting engineering and construction projects mainly during the building period of the big production Potash & Phosphate plants at the Negev and the Dead Sea.

He was amongst the first photographers in Israel to work with color slides for advertising. Zeev developed a passion for artistic expression as he developed his skills at the same time as he continued his technical photographic work.

On the cutting edge of technology, Zeev is completing the cycle from the chemical dark room into the age of digital processing & printing, photography.

Member of painters & sculptors association Israel
(Beer-Sheba & the Negev chapter)

      Individual photography exhibitions:
  1. "Cinemateque", Beer Sheba gallery, 2002, "Windows" Exhibition
  2. "Community-Club", Metar gallery, 2003, "Windows" Exhibition
  3. "Municipal Gallery", Jerusalem, 2004,    "Gray, Color and Light" Exhibition
  4. "Jerusalem Theater Galleries, 2004"  "en LIGHT ment",
  5. Tel-Aviv, Azriely Mall, Windows Gallery, 2005, "en LIGHT ment",
      Group Photography exhibitions:
  1. "Municipal Library Gallery", Beer-Sheba, 2004, "Painters" exhibition
  2. "Municipal library", Beer-Sheba, 2004, "Color and Light"
"En ment"

Photographic Exhibit - Zeev Deckel

January 2005, Windows Gallery, 3 rd floor of Azriely Mall

Black and white, light and shadow, gleaming and shady, all of these are opposites connected to each other, sculpting a different view from every angle and time of day. Sometimes the light is considerable, other times the shade is dominant - inseparable opposites are intertwined in the texture and tapestry.

The kingdom of shadow is the night without light there is no image. Darkness abounds. Black and white are the boundaries of color. Infinite shades of gray reside between white and the black. Color begins to show when the intensity of light changes; Infinite hues can be found between the boundaries of black and white.

In the morning and the evening the light is reddish and the shadows are long. The shadow gets shorter and almost disappears when the sun is directly above us. The light defines the contours of objects and accentuates the feeling of depth and dimension. With opaque objects the light draws silhouettes; with transparent objects the surfaces become colorful. Transparency has limitless number of hues and textures. Visible color is the result of light, giving the viewer a sense of differentiation of surfaces, contours, textures and hues.  

All of these components play a roll when I search for the correct expression and affect my approach to the subject; they all serve as element in the composition. This collection of images is a visual expression of the games of transparency of light and shadow. There are times that the subject of the image emerges spontaneously responding to the whim of light; other times the image is created by taking advantage of the exposure of the beam of light that takes the subject out of its original context.

Zeev Deckel

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