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גיא עולמי – אוצר גלריית החלונות

Hava Kafri

The many faces of the tree

The story of the photographs shown in this exhibition begins in a eucalyptus grove in Jaffa. It was a small grove, almost invisible in its modesty, with no known pedigree or outstanding features. While wandering aimlessly in the grove, my gaze fell upon large shapes engraved on a trunk. On closer examination, the shapes came to life and took on the forms of animals, such as a dolphin, a stallion and a goat. The humble eucalyptus trunks revealed themselves in a plethora of rich colors and variety of shapes that attracted my attention and drove me to look deeper.

Slowly but surely, the rich world of the trunks was revealed to me - an enchanted world full of shapes, colors and images - born out of the shades of the trunks and their layers. The magic hiding in the face of the tree, the richness of hues and forms and the many exciting images concealed in the bark, were an invitation for further exploration with the camera. I found myself driven again and again to the trunks, painting images through the camera lens - the prophet on a mountain, a woman getting out of a bath, an ancient warrior, a rider and his camel - landscapes, flowers, objects and abstracts in abundant shapes and forms.

Discovering the many faces of the tree and its expressions, taking them out of context and presenting them again by their own right was an exciting process of discovery and expression.

This collection, few out of many taken during a year (2003-2004) invite the viewers to take part in this process.

Hava Kafri
Born in Israel (Jaffa), 1948. Currently living in Jaffa.
Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
Employed for 25 years as a headmaster of the Welfare Department's school for welfare workers in Beer Sheva.
Currently working as a freelance advisor and project developer in childhood education.
Autodidact in photography.

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