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גיא עולמי – אוצר גלריית החלונות

Uri Rosenberg

Depth of Field.

Photography exhibition

As an Agronomist by profession and a Photographer in spirit, I have associated myself with the Israeli Fields for over two decades, always with a camera in hand.

The Agricultural landscapes in the fields and groves, an integration of nature and man actions, are being changed daily in accordance to cultivations, type of crops grown in the fields and the changing of seasons. My photography style has been changed as well.

In the beginning my photography was that of "shmultsy postcard landscapes" - loving documentation of Israeli agriculture and landscapes. Later, when I acquired a richer and more sophisticated photographic language, the graphical shapes, the light and colors and the compositions became more important.

Lately I feel as though the agricultural landscapes are endangered - The struggling economy, water deficiency and real estate pressure are causing the farmers to look elsewhere for their livelihood. I now find myself photographing deserted fields, abandoned greenhouses and foreign workers. Sometimes I feel that my agricultural landscapes photography has become a commemoration of reality that may disappear and not return, and with it the environment and our quality of life will be hurt.

These changes in the Israeli landscape and in me as a photographer are expressed in my photo exhibition "Depth Of Field".

This exhibition reflects a current view but also a nostalgic one, that summarizes a chapter in my photography style, as I approach new directions.

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