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גיא עולמי - צלם
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November 9 Initial version online
December 14 Pubs05.jpg replaced from climbing boy to bicycle
January 1 This webpage of updates and revisions
5 Introducing Pic of the week
13 Pic of the week archive
February 10 Favicon
11 Changed portrait in About Me
March 16 Resume: 1st prize in professional category for Nature Photography Competition
April 20 Thumbnails of "Pic of the Week Archive" enlarged
May 5 Added Barcelona page to "Photo Gallery / Europe / Spain / Barcelona"
10 First page changed: "Puppies" background and oval entrance.
19 Navigator switching for first page.
June 10 Added Pic of the Week thumbnail in HomePage
12 Added "Please Wait..." message on photo club program loading.
30 Added Pride 2001.
July 15 Added "My Guest". Michael Cohen
August 1 index.htm + counter duplicated from HomePage.htm
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September 15 WTC memorial page
October 6 Love Parade 2001
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November 3 Site background color changed from wheat to black
15 Added 2nd guest, Amir Turner
December 14 Archived picture in new page.
January 18 Pic of Week Archive for 2001 separated into private page
February 12 Added 3rd guest, Itzhak Lengel
April 5 Website upgraded to 100 Megs
25 Wedding photos of Nirit & Oren
May 16 New Italy photos in "Photo Gallery, Europe, Italy"
17 Cars + Antique + collectors' in "Israeli Gallery, Cars"
June 5 Botanic Garden added to Israeli Gallery
July 29 Prague added to Photo Gallery
November 24 HomePage changed; 2 links added.
25 HomePage pictures can be enlarged.
December 7 New hit counter.
20 Slovenia Croatia.
21 Bigger website size 200M
January 19 Ha'Hula page added to Israeli Gallery
February 9 Removed PicWeek, only archives remain.
20 Added "back" "index" "next" buttons to all Italy pages.
March 3 Added "back" "index" "next" to all site.
6 Direct links to most pages, added exit buttons to loops.
23 "Go South" added to Israeli Gallery
April 21 Added Photo WorkShops.
June 14 Holy Fire page added to Israeli Gallery.
August 8 Transfer domain to
25 Advertising
September 23 "Photo of the Month"
November 29 added "Eye Level" exhibition
December 12 added "Amsterdam"
February 13 2nd page for guest3 Lengel
March 13 Purim in Zoo 2004
June 19 Hungary + slideshow
27 Guest 4, Itzik Simon. Jerusalem slideshow
August 15 Guest 5, Gilad Benari. "Urbania" Exhibition
October 27 Guest 6, Shlomo Carmel. "Kenya - Tanzania" Exhibition
December 19 Guest 7, Zeev Deckel. "enLIGHTment" Exhibition
28 Splitting Guests to Windows Gallery
February 1 Guest 8, Hava Kafri. "The many faces of the tree"
March 16 Guest 9, Uri Rosenberg. "Depth of Field"
April 3 Adding Hebrew header "גיא עולמי - צלם"
May 29 Guest10, Alex Zavitan. "Nature Feelings"
June 26 Guest Book
July 4 Windows Gallery GuestBooks
6 "My Guests" GuestBooks
16 Guest11, Slava Glinsky, "לי כל גל נושא מזכרת"
24 New HomePage, splitting Galleries, Who M I
30 added 3rd archive for Pic of the Month
August 3 Guest 4, Itzik Simon, added pics and changed from slideshow
7 Guest 12, Abba Richman, "(אוסף פרטי(ם"
September 29 Guest 13, Ron Warm, "כל הפנים והשמות"
October 16 Splitting Links to categories
November 1 Guest 14, Mongolia, "חלום רחוק" "Far Dream"
December 28 Transferring domain to web3 net
January 5 Guest15, David Barkan, "Israeli Panorama"
13 Counter on Photo subdomain entries
25 Webcalendar installed
February 4 Guest40, Vladi Alon, "מקומות שלא עצרתי"
12 Guest16, Tammy Mike Laufer, "אורבָּנַיִים"
22 HomePage change
April 19 Guest50, Boni Levron, "נגיעות של טבע"
21 Guest17, Azrieli 2006, "Seeing Azrieli from a new angle"
22 HomePage change, adding direct links to Azrieli windows gallery
June 12 Guest18, Orit Gafni, "לראות מעבר לאופק"
July 31 Guest19, Yaara Bashan Haham, "בין התמונות והמילים ..."
October 30 Guest20, Studio Gavra
March 15 Site restored after server crash
April 7 Guest 21, "Shvoong"
May 27 WEB750 blocked. no access to site & mail
June 7 Site reconstructed at
29 mob server disk and controller died
July 2 Site reconstructed at
October 11 Added "pCon נבחר"
April 17 Counter removed because errors in counting and Java slowdown